Griffith Real Estate Agents - JZ Homes

About JZ Homes

JZ Homes is part of the JZ Management Pty Ltd company. Whilst the company is relatively young, the people behind the company have been developing and constructing for years.

The two directors, Guiseppe (Zep) Lanza and James Scremin, were both born in Griffith, lived here all their lives and have been designing, developing, building and managing all types of buildings over the last 30 years. The buildings have included units, houses, grand homes, industrial sheds and shopping centres.

We have a holistic approach to home building

This means you get a home that’s been designed to suit best features of its lot, well built by local trusted trades, and managed by people who have been doing this for 30 years.

Designed for the lot

First we design homes that suit the size, shape and orientation of a lot and design the home for thermal efficiency and with the features home purchasers are looking for.

Modern, quality finishes.

We select the modern, quality finishes that work together to create a special home. Tiles, taps, ovens, lights – all the finishes are selected to deliver a warm and inviting space to live but supplied locally so that if you have a problem you have locals who will back up every aspect of your home.

Local trades

We have selected trade contractors for their quality, they are locals who have pride in their work. We don’t swap and change which contractors we use and we make them part of the quality process. 

On schedule building

We have a regular construction schedule so the homes are built reasonably quickly without being rushed. All contractors know where each home is up to and when they need to complete their trade. 


We include the details you need but can’t see. A fibre optic lead in cable for the best NBN available, each bedroom with built in data cabling, treated wall frames, insulated walls, cupolex slab system, computer controlled sprinkler system.

Turn key

We complete the home so you can move in. Carpets, blinds, lawns, clothesline, mailbox, driveways, footpaths, landscaping – everything’s finished and included. 

Our homes have everything you'll need